Skin nourishing bathing bar for babies and growing children


It is made up of cold-pressed Almond oil which is effective for growing kids. It cleanses the skin and keeps it glowing as kids grow.


It is beneficial growing toddlers. It keeps their muscles fit and strong and also brings glow to their tender skin.


Prevents and provides rapid relief from diaper dermatitis. It protects skin from substances which causes inflammation to the delicate skin. It consolidates the resistance of baby’s delicate skin with a pH value of 5.5


The formulation is a mild “no tears” shampoo. It softens nourishes and improves your kid’s hair luster leaving it soft and fresh.


A gentle lotion specifically formulated to restore the skin’s natural beauty leaving it soft and supple. It is enriched with mineral oil and jojoba oil that restores moisture and improves skin texture


No tears formulation. It is specially tested for kid’s skin to cleanse nourish and smoothen. It gives extra mildness to the kid’s skin.

What is pH?

pH measures how acidic or basic a substance is. It ranges from 0-14. A pH of 7 is neutral, a pH less than 7 is acidic and a pH more than 7 is basic.

The pH of normal, healthy human skin is between 4.5 and 6.

Newborns have a pH closer to neutral (pH 7) that quickly turns acidic in order to protect young children’s skin.

The normal skin’s pH environment wards off the invading bacteria.

What is acid mantle?

It is a thin, acidic film on the surface of the skin acting as a barrier against contaminants from penetrating the skin.

Kinderlife Almond gel Tender bathing bar (Made with cold pressed almond oil)

The endeavour of Kinderlife is to give mothers the opportunity to give the best quality products for their children. Certain principles of skin care require special attention by mother or caregiver such as:

What are the characteristics of children’s skin?

Children’s skin is thin and less elastic when compared to adult skin.

Increased water loss from skin, leading to dry skin.

More prone to irritants.

Prone to skin damage on exposure to sun.

What are the benefits of almond oil?

They are beneficial in softening the skin by nourishing it with its vitamin E content.

Restores the normal ph of skin and acid mantle.

It has a moisturizing effect on all skin types.

What is the advantage of cold pressed almond oil?

Cold pressed are considered superior oils. This oil is obtained through pressing and grinding of almonds at controlled low temperatures and thus retains all the beneficial properties of almond.

How is Kinderlife better than other bathing bars?

Kinderlife is made of cold pressed almond oil, which helps retain the beneficial properties of almond. Most of the available bathing bars were found to have alkaline pH [10 and above]. Therefore they do not cause damage to the protective acid mantle; and continuous use of alkaline bathing bar will strip off the acid mantle. Thus the skin will become dry and rough, and susceptible to bacterial and fungal infections. There is another class of bathing bar called neutral bathing bar with pH of 7 which is crucial to skin and cannot protect the skin from bacterial and fungal infections.

Kinderlife has been developed for the needs of the children’s skin.

Kinderlife is for day to day bathing, enriched with cold pressed almond oil, completely soap free and does not contain any harmful alkali like regular bathing bars.

Kinderlife gently washes away body impurities without disturbing the skin’s natural pH [5-6].

Kinderlife maintains the acid mantle of children’s skin.

Kinderlife effectively cleanses and conditions children’s skin leaving it soft, supple and hydrated.

Minimizes the risk of dryness and irritation.

Kinderlife reverses the damages brought about by sun exposure.

Kinderlife has a remoisturizing effect and a very pleasant fragrance.

Kinderlife is prescribed by your doctor as a regular bathing soap for everyday use.