Skin nourishing bathing bar for babies and growing children


Kinderlife is a biotech division of Pragati Biocare Pvt. Ltd., a progressive biotech company with diversified interests in marketing, manufacturing, application research & formulations in nutraceutical, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.
With years of development and facilitations of our principals and research team, a new division Pure Kinder Life Corporation is established to provide organically processed soap that has been developed for the needs of the children’s skin.


Washes Impurities

Kinderlife gently washes away body impurities without disturbing the skin’s natural pH [5-6].

Remoisturizing effect

Kinderlife has a remoisturizing effect and a very pleasant fragrance.

Effectively cleanses

Effectively cleanses and conditions children’s skin leaving it soft, supple and hydrated..

We Care

Made of cold pressed almond oil
Kinderlife is made of cold pressed almond oil, which helps retain the beneficial properties of almond. Most of the available bathing bars were found to have alkaline pH [10 and above]. Therefore they do not cause damage to the protective acid mantle; and continuous use of alkaline bathing bar will strip off the acid mantle. Thus the skin will become dry and rough, and susceptible to bacterial and fungal infections. There is another class of bathing bar called neutral bathing bar with pH of 7 which is crucial to skin and cannot protect the skin from bacterial and fungal infections.